Thursday, June 23, 2011

1962 Mustang1

This car was designed by Ford because other foreign and non foreign car makers made some pretty good race cars so Ford wanted to make a race car. So Ford came out with the Mustang1 it was a race car with a V-4 engine mounted in the rear of the car. This car was not very good for a casual driver because it only held two people and it was a very new design in cars. This car was designed by Lee Iacocca, Roy Lunn, John Najjar, Jim Sipple.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mustang Timeline

I am going to take a break from car cleaning and start a Mustang Timeline. I am going to tell about each year of Mustangs models so get ready!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chevy Silverado

Tuesday I cleaned a truck that had a beautiful paint job but was not glazed or waxed right. I first started with the wash it was not very dirty but it's a must before a glaze or waxing job. Then I did the interior it had some dog hair but was not very dirty. After that was the glaze and wax the clear coat was pretty dirty and the wax made the paint really shine. After I followed up with quick detailier to get all the left over wax.

Leather cleaning

Now I will talk about leather, now most leather is from a cow unless the car you have has a different hide. So how do I clean leather? First you start by mildly clean it with soap and water to try and get most of the dirt off. Then I wipe it dry with a clean cloth, then take a cleaner of your choice (I read about Lexol and it works just fine). Then scrub that in to the leather with a terry cloth and after that wipe it with a wet cloth to clean off all the dirty water. If you want to condition your leather then with the conditioner of your choice (I use Lexol) wipe the leather with it and then wipe dry. It is important to keep the leather mostly dry.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waxing and glazing

I know you think that glazing and waxing is for the pros but you can do it if you learn how to. Always before working with the paint you always wash and dry your car first. You are probably asking what kind of glaze/wax do I use? Well there is a lot of different stuff out there but there is two main kinds a paste and a liquid wax. I use a past because it lasts longer but liquid can be faster,you there also a difference in the ingredients in wax. A carnauba wax lasts longer but I use one without it. When it comes to glazing it is important to  use the right stuff because it can cause swirl marks in your paint. I use one that is great for different paint colors and is a liquid based glaze. Now glaze is used to get out most of the swirl marks but if you have paint that has more than swirl marks then get a compound it is a little more aggressive. If your car does not have a lot of marks then go to a polish. To glaze a car you start by apply it with a buffer or by hand. With a buffer put a few dots on your wool pad or a foam then rub it into the paint and wipe dry with clean cloth. Once you pick out your wax then you can apply with by hand your by a buffer. When getting a buffer if you have never buffed before than get a orbital buffer that's what I use.Once you have applied it then after about five-minuets then take it off by buffer or by hand. If by buffer just run the buffer in a circular motion until off the paint then wipe with terry cloth. If by hand wipe with clean terry towel until completely off. You should always be careful when buffing your paint so don't get swirl marks in your paint. To put a good layer of wax on the paint then apply two coats on the paint.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


When most people thing of washing there car it is a five-minuet wash with dish soap, right? If you think that way you are mistaken. First you NEVER wash a car with dish soap! Dish soap is packed full of harsh detergents that will make marks in your car. What I use is a wash that is made for cars and won't scratch your paint. When you wash your car it should be very smooth between your paint and the wash mitt you are using that why you never use dish soap. One way you can pick out car wash soap is to rub a few different kinds between your fingers and the one that is the most smooth get that one. You should also use a microfiber wash mitt to wash your car so that it keeps dirt away from the your cars surface. When you start you work from the top to the bottom then rise the car very well so you get all the soap off the car. Then dry it with a clean cloth, microfiber towel or even better chamois.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Carpet stains

If you are like me you hate seeing stains in your vehicles carpet. Today I will tell you how to get most stains out of your carpet. First you chose what products you are going to use if any. I use a foam based cleaner because it doesn't leave the carpet soaked, but you can use a water based one if you want to.But if you don't think your carpet needs chemicals then just use soap and water, that's a car detailers best friend. After you get whatever you are going to use you first spray the carpet with a foam cleaner like Tuff Stuff. Then let sit for about a minuet then take a damp cloth and wipe the area clean. When using soap and water just scrub it into the carpet with a carpet brush then wipe carpet clean.If you can't get some stains out then use Fels-naptha it's a bar of soap that is used for treating stains on clothes. You will have to use water when using this stuff. Get the area wet with water and scrub Fels-naptha into the carpet then let sit and rinse with wet towel. After you rinse the carpet wipe the carpet with a clean dry towel. What I told you about might not work on some stains but it mostly work on dirt,coffee stains and some other things if you really work with it.