Thursday, June 23, 2011

1962 Mustang1

This car was designed by Ford because other foreign and non foreign car makers made some pretty good race cars so Ford wanted to make a race car. So Ford came out with the Mustang1 it was a race car with a V-4 engine mounted in the rear of the car. This car was not very good for a casual driver because it only held two people and it was a very new design in cars. This car was designed by Lee Iacocca, Roy Lunn, John Najjar, Jim Sipple.

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  1. Probably fabbed by Troutman and Barnes in CA; my old boss Bob Negstad told me he passed welding rod for the aluminum body while their master craftsman continuous seam welded (mig or tig?) the left half to the right half. The car needed more than the 13 inch Lotus wobbly web wheels but no magnesium rims bigger than 1.5 liter Formula 1 or indeed modern race rubber was available in that early time frame. This car (one of allegedly two sat in the snow behind the Ford Design Center in the early eighties before someone pulled it inside and refurbed it for Greenfield Village Henry Ford Museum.